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Poppers plus THIS Equals ALL NIGHT Edging!

Get hard for Me and HIGH for Me. Dick in your hand and chemicals up your nose. Time to EDGE and GOON.

poppers and gooning

You want to jerkoff and get high all night? Experience gooner bliss? Inhale “aroma” to keep it going? Pump your horny cock to my tits? You need a GOON LOOP. You need to watch a looping video that pushes you to INHALE popper aroma and is made JUST for achieving that edger-trance. And THIS. IS. IT. “Poppers GOONing.

Poppers are sometimes called “aroma” on clipsites

“Get your dick in your hand and chemicals up your nose. Jerking off and getting high is the ANSWER, to boredom, to life. It’s what you NEED-stroking to my tits and getting HIGH all night. Wanna JERK OFF all night? But you need something ELSE to make it right? Poppers are the ANSWER. They keep you in that HIGH STATE. So do some more for ME as you stroke. You need to get HIGH and forget about life. Get HIGH now. Poppers are the answer. Keep that stroke rhythm. Feel bliss. Get high to obey. Stroke your cock to obey. Get hard for ME, get HIGH for Me. Sniff Poppers and jerk off. That’s an ORDER!”

Goon Loop videos are collected by edge-heads who stroke for the BLISS

The special effects are not only cool to look at BUT they help you get into the mental space you need to achieve gooner bliss. And my natural, sexy, milf-y TITS in pasties bounce around on screen to help tease your dick over and over as I push AROMA up your nose & give you cool stuff to look at.

Mixtrix poses with an assortment of poppers bottles

I am getting all up in your head with this one AND providing you a great experience for your edging fun. and YES I made this video to be a GOON LOOP. What does this mean? it means the video and around wrap back around when played on your device’s LOOP or repeat mode. This means you won’t be “interrupted” by credits or starts or stops. It just keeps going….just like your stroking and sniffing…all night long!

Poppers and a GOON LOOP are your date for tonight.

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Curious what GOONING even is? Check out “What is Gooning?” here in the Mixtrix Zone. But really, go get some of my goon loop clips too, you’re gonna NEED ’em!

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