gooning fetish and pussy free life

YOU are beginning a pussyfree life. MINDWASHING and REPROGRAMMING is key to a pussyfree lifestyle for a jerkoff junkie like you. And I am going to have you jerk off even MORE. I do this by getting in your head and making it so while teasing you with my big, real tits. Get ready for a headfuck.

no beta seed in the gene pool!

Porn is your girlfriend and your hand is her pussy. LOOK at her and fuck her pussy. A jerkoff junkie like you CAN’T have normal relationships. So you must get deeper and deeper into porn. Let’s face it, you have found true love anyways, haven’t you? PORN and your handpussy. Fucking your fist to PORN is the one relationship you NEVER screw up.

Pussy free life is possible if you have a porn addiction. Mixtrix can help with that.
Porn is your Girlfriend

So stay home and jerk off. Stay home and jerk off. Consider it date night. Porn is your girlfriend and your fist is her pussy. NO REAL pussy for YOU anymore. You lead a pussyfree lifestyle. So from now on just hand fucking nightly to porn. So much porn. Jerking to ME, jerking to porn, staying in and jerking no matter what. This is the mindfucked reality I am pushing into your brain, loser.

“Pussyfree Me” is your new motto

So what IS the message you are soaking up in your newly “re-mixed” brain? NO REAL SEX. ONLY MASTURBATION. NO ONE WANTS A JERKOFF JUNKIE WEIRDO LIKE YOU. SO GET MORE INVOLVED WITH PORN. START WITH THIS VIDEO. JERK OFF ALL THE TIME. That is the message I am putting in YOUR mind. HUMILIATING, HOT DENIAL. I will forever be reprogramming YOU into the pussyfree lifestyle. NO ESCAPE.

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