Poppers and forced bi Goddess Mixtrix creative femdom art

Sniffing, Stroking, COCKWHORING All Night Long

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The perfect edging trance starts with you sniffing poppers and stroking to cocks. You are going to be gooning and cockwhoring for ME all night long. It is like a dream come fucking true. My coerced bi dirty talk. Shoving poppers up your nose. Encouraging you to stroke, stroke, stroke your evening away to music videos starring you know fucking who. Like this:

A bottle of aroma to sniff in one hand and your dick in another, get ready to stroke and GOON all night in this video made to play on loop for HOURS! I push POPPERS up your nose I am push cocks in your brain. That’s right you are edging all night to cocks for Me while you get fucked up on poppers. I want you stroking to cocks all night while you sniff away your brain cells.

Gooning is edging until a trance like state kicks in

Get all horned up and tranced out to my sexy coerced bi dirty talk. Lots of dicks, dirty talk, sexy moments and POPPERS PUSHING. I push you to sniff, sniff, sniff your night away while you stroke to my teasing ways. I push you to stroke, stroke, stroke to sexy big dicks with my coerced bi dirty talk. Watch me all night, jerker. Mesmerizing visuals and music helps you get into that gooner trance for a long stroke session.

mesmerizing poppers video with Mixtrix so hypnotic for gooning
Goddess Mixtrix has THE best poppers videos, duh

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