erotic hypno goddess mixtrix is sending you a signal

Can you FEEL it? I have been sending out a SIGNAL. The signal penetrates you. Your mind is a receiver after all, receiving signals just like a radio. Think of my signal as a frequency. You receive it and it is erotic, penetrative…

Erotic hypnosis with pendulum type effect in this fan favorite video called the signal
Experience Erotic Hypnosis and Mesmerize with pendulum type visuals and special effects in this POV video

POWERFUL mind control that turns you into an addict for my erotic power! The Signal begins with a pendulum induction that gets you under my spell, disarming you and making you receptive to Me. Once I have you where I want you it turns to you craving, needing, requiring My POWER to feel alive. 

“Your mind is like a radio-ready to RECEIVE…And just like a radio it picks up frequencies, SIGNALS…Like the one I am sending into your brain now…you can FEEL it, that electrifying feeling of something entering you. All you have to do is relax and RECEIVE….Receive the signal and let it flow into YOU…My signal is a way of using MY POWER. The power to send just as you have the ability to receive….you are receiving my power INTO you. Can you feel it? The signal, flowing into your radio-like brain? This is MY POWER. It makes you feel so ALIVE…When I send you the signal you feel alive….I have the POWER to make you feel alive…Don’t you want to feel it again and again and again? Of course you do.”

erotic hypnosis with female seduction powers make you want to become a hypnoslave for Mixtrix
I enslave you so seductively…


This is a re-release pf my original video The Signal. The original version was highly compressed to reduce file size. Because of this the video appeared pixellated. ThE Signal HD is the original video UNCOMPRESSED. This means it is in true HD as it was recorded. The video is the same otherwise but is now of much better visual quality. 

Contains: pendulum, seduction, trance visuals, special effects audio, special effects video, long sexy fingernails, brunette, big tits, captivating eyes, eye fetish, erotic mesmerize, cock control, femdom, female domination, triggers, embeds, signals,mind altering effects, mind control

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