what is gooning? how do you goon? who is a gooner? what is a goon loop? he quesions answered and more

What is GOONING?

If you do not know what the kink known as GOONING is, I am going to fill you in. Read on, horny bliss seekers.

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Do you KNOW what gooning is? It is basically edging and stroking for so long that you get into a trance-like state. Gooners practice a type of prolonged masturbation. You keep pumping and pumping your cock, stopping every time you come close to orgasm. Sounds a lot like edging, right? Well yes and no.

goon tv channel one. mixtrix tv loop for gooners

Gooning is NOT the same as edging BUT requires edging to get there!

Gooning IS the same as edging to a point. The difference is that gooning is a STATE you achieve AFTER edging for prolonged periods. Think of it like when someone meditates enough and then gets to a state of bliss or maybe even nirvana. Well gooning is that BLISSFUL state except the so-called meditation is jerking off. Sounds like you might be a potential “monk” in the making, huh?

a GOON LOOP is a specialized video made just for gooning fetish

What is a GOON video then? A clip made specifically for gooning! I am guessing you already knew that much, lol. It can be about ANY type of kink or fetish but femdom based Gooning is most popular. Why? Because the Domme COMMANDS you to keep stroking! Ah, that makes sense, huh? The gooning video can also be about a femdom “niche” as well such as coerced bi, tit worship, findom or anything you can imagine.

example of a goon loop video. the looping video is made just for the activity known as gooning

But do you know what a “GOON LOOP” is? A GOON LOOP is a video that is made to be watched over and over nonstop. When you watch a GOON LOOP video using your player’s repeat mode it makes a forever loop of the video. The GOON LOOP is made so it smoothly transitions from the END of the video back to the beginning.

Hint: play your gooner vids on LOOP or REPEAT mode

In a true goon loop both the music and visuals must seem to wrap around without pesky credits or promo ruining the EXPERIENCE. The beginning and end of the video don’t have to be identical, they just have to flow from one into the other so the video seems ENDLESS! You can see how an endless viewing experience would be PERFECT for prolonged jerkoff sessions. Well it IS.

An example of sexuality reprogroamming gooner porn. Note the porn encouragement, a common theme in gooning videos

The BEST Goon Loops will have entertaining qualities to get you to tune in, tease or seduction to make you horny, music that sets a pumping rhythm and MESMERIZING visuals to assist in trance mode. (un, I sort of specialize in these…)

Want to try GOONING for yourself? I know just the video
Got Goon?
Got Goon?

If you are new to edging fetish and gooning then the video BOOB GOON must be your first stop. I KNOW you jerk off to my TITS over and over anyways. Not only am I okay with this, I am ENCOURAGING it. I get off on pumpers and gooners being made into jerkaholics from my clips. I produce my videos with it in mind! Blissful feelings are addictive. Gooning is just as addictive as regular masturbation (if not MORESO) and I plan to make YOU into a gooner.

You KNOW you gotta try this to see if it feels good. Better go to my clip stores to check out all my videos. I have GOON LOOPS and just great mindfuck and mesmerize clips that would function equally well. Get to pumping that cock for Me! So MANY looping clips in my stores:

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